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Under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy
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Registration for IFSA 2024 is open:

03 - 05 JULY 2024 | KRAM Expo Center TUNISIA

Join us in a culinary journey that celebrates the liquid gold known as olive oil

As a concurrent event during IFSA Africa, the Olive Oil Show is a unique platform that brings together producers, enthusiasts, and industry experts to explore, taste, and appreciate the finest olive oils from around the world.

Olive Oil Show Highlights

  • Olive Oil Tasting Sessions

    Immerse yourself in guided tastings, exploring the diverse of high-quality olive oils.
    Learn from experts as they unravel the complexities and nuances that make each olive oil unique.

  • Packaging and Design Showcase

    Witness the fusion of art and functionality in olive oil packaging and design.
    Explore innovative label designs and sustainable packaging solutions that elevate the visual storytelling of olive oil brands.

  • Global Olive Oil Producers

    Connect with olive oil producers from various regions, showcasing the best of their harvests.
    Explore the diversity of olive oil varieties, from robust extra virgin oils to delicately infused blends.

Be a Part of the Olive Oil Showcase

Your Passport to Olive Oil Excellence

Whether you are a producer looking to showcase your premium olive oils or an enthusiast eager to explore the world of liquid gold, participation in the Olive Oil Show at IFSA Africa is accessible to all. Exhibitors can seize the opportunity to highlight their brands, and attendees can register for an immersive experience, gaining access to tasting sessions, culinary demonstrations, and the unveiling of the Olive Oil Excellence Awards. Join us in this celebration of excellence and passion within the olive oil industry.
The event is a magnet for buyers and distributors looking to source new and unique products. Exhibitors can showcase their offerings directly to potential clients, negotiate deals, and establish distribution networks within the African market.